What is Wonder Game?
Wonder Game is the first collaborative DeFi game launching on Harmony and ICE blockchains. The game was inspired by Alice in Wonderland to recreate a fun and chaotic world, where the three main characters, Alice, Queen & Card try to collect the most prized asset in Wonder Game - $SHROOM.
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“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
In the heart of Wonder Game, lies the Wonder Game Forest. The Forest is rather odd and is entirely covered with magical $SHROOM. It is quite peculiar how they grow in the Forest. An adventure unlike any you’ve witnessed.
Choose how you will fare your time down this rabbit hole.
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Alice seeks fun
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Queen seeks order
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Cards just try to do their best
Will you become the impudent and risk-taking Alice? Will you become the Queen, all-powerful and meticulous? Or will you stay content with the Card and collect $SHROOM? Join us in this magical journey and find out.
Wonder Game is built for EVM compatible blockchains. The characters and other in-game NFTs are ERC-721 tokens and the magical $SHROOMs are ERC-20 tokens.
See who resides in Wonder game
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Queen is the ruler of this vast Wonder Game, and she is vicious. She doesn’t go to the forest for $SHROOM, she just accumulates and protects them. She plays croquet often and is liable to shout ‘Off with their heads’ at every possible opportunity.
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Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole and she is on the hunt for $SHROOM, since the day she found out about the powers it gives her. She can trick the Cards and the Queen with ease to get the $SHROOM. Watch out for her, or she’ll have them all!
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Cards are forever loyal if a little scared of the Queen. They guard and collect the $SHROOM from the forest, in exchange they get some as rewards from the Queen. They get bonuses for working together.
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Envisioning Wonder Game Like never before
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Wonder Game will be connected to multiple chains to show the power of a true cross-chain dApp and fully decentralized ICON's interoperability. Expanding the ecosystem through BTP tech and connecting diverse communities from different blockchains.
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Wonder Game will be the collaborative DeFi game that rewards members for working together with their fellow community members. Pioneering a collaborative environment where communication and team-work will boost both social interaction and rewards in the game.
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Fun, Learn and Earn
A game for players to have fun and earn. A journey for the enthusiast to learn more about DeFi and it’s powers. A way for the members in the community to get sweet returns. A community that will help each other to have the best experience in the whole play to earn ecosystem.
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Grass Background
A $shroom with many benefits
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$SHROOM tokens grow everywhere in Wonder Game. Alices, Queens and Cards are all trying to get as many $SHROOM as they can get.
Use it in-game for it’s various utilities and collect it to earn rewards in and outside the game.
With a reward system that revolves around community and cross-chain interoperability - $SHROOM tokens have powerful use cases that makes it magical.
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